2017 NERA Scholarship Awardees



$3,000 NERA Members Awards

LCDR Herman Sharrer: LCDR Sharrer has been an RN for 25 years and is now working on his BSN at DeSales University. He also intends to move on into the MSN program once he has achieved his Bachelor’s degree.  He would like to ultimately teach nursing at some point.  He has been able to maintain a 3.6 GPA while working full time in a critical care nursing position.

He is a retired Navy man having spent 17 years as a corpsman with several deployments to Iraq, and the last 11 years in the Navy as a Nurse.  Perhaps it's in his genes since his mom was a marine from 1953-1955.


Ariana Ellsey:  Miss Ellsey graduated from high school this summer with honors and a GPA of 3.6. Does she have an interest in the military? She reached the rank of Captain in the JROTC at school and after spending seven years in the Navy League Cadet Corps, she reached the highest level of Chief Petty Officer just last January.

She has also devoted a great deal of time to achieve her long range goal of becoming a teacher. She plans to eventually earn a master’s degree in education as well as health sciences, in which she will be majoring in the fall.


$2,500 NERA Family Awards

Summer Davis:  Ms. Davis is a three time winner of the USAA/NERA Scholarship.  As the daughter of a Marine she knows about giving back to her community and next year she will be volunteering with the Justice Corps which is a program that allows college students to offer free legal help to those who cannot afford it.

Miss Davis was allowed to graduate magna cum laude at her community college even before she received her high school diploma. She is now enrolled at the University of California San Diego in Economics and Environmental Studies before she pursues her law degree. She has maintained a GPA of 3.6.


Chelese Washington:  Miss Washington maintained a 4.12 GPA when one takes into consideration the advanced nature of her high school classes. That's even more impressive when you look at all of the activities that she was involved in during those four years, from art to athletics to mathematics.

Miss Washington intends to enroll in Florida State In the fall with a dual major in computer science and biomedical engineering. She has a long term goal of working in nanite technology- medical tools with artificial intelligence to put it very basically because we have barely scraped the surface of this science of the future at this time.


Joseph Gerlach:  Mr. Gerlach will be a third year student at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in the fall with a GPA of 3.6.   He has been very active in his school and his fraternity and served on his high school Board of Education as a student ex-officio representative.

He is studying biological sciences with a concentration in molecular and cell biology with a minor in Spanish. He in on a pre-medical track with plans to become a doctor.


Sam Wisotzki:  Mr. Wisotzki is majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Vermont because, as he says, he loves math, computers and he loves understanding how things work. He has maintained a 3.8 GPA.

His dream is to make the world a better place to live and he has several different ways of accomplishing that dream from the Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to Tesla.