NERA’s mission is to promote and maintain national security by ensuring a strong and well-trained Naval, Coast Guard and Marine Corps Reserve. NERA is a founding member of The Military Coalition (TMC). By partnering with 31 military, veterans and uniformed services organizations, NERA is able to promote sea service reservists benefits by aligning with the grassroots support of more than 5.5 million TMC members and their families.

Legislative Updates

NERA follows numerous legislative proposals in Congress that concern our members. Here are the highlights of the current legislative initiatives NERA is tracking:

FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

As of this writing Congress has completed a conference committee on the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2018, but we have yet to see the entire act in writing.  It now must be voted on by both the House and Senate and then forwarded to the President for action to sign or veto it. We have attained some highlights and overviews that are briefly noted as follows, more in depth analysis will follow in our next Mariner as info becomes available:

  • Military pay increase of 2.4% (This is above the President/DoD request of 2.1%)
  • Imposes a pharmacy co-pay increase over several years for areas having nothing to do with health care.
  • Mandates Reserve and Guard members who are mobilized receive premobilization and transitional health care.
  • Authorizes a 20,300 personnel increase in military end strength, with 4,000 active duty and 1,000 reserves increases for the Navy and 1,000 active duty for the Marine Corps.
  • A Senate proposal to reduce the BAH payments for dual military couples with children was scrapped in conference.
  • Keeps a grandfather clause to prevent current retirees younger than 65 form added TRICARE fee increases. The Senate had proposed repealing the grandfathering clause.

Major TRICARE Changes Coming

  • Region Consolidation: The current 3 regions will be changed with the North and South Regions being combined into the East Region and the West Region will remain relatively the same. Two new contractors will administer these Regions, Humana Military and Health Net Federal Services. This change is effective as of Nov. 1, 2017.
  • TRICARE Select: TRICARE Select will replace TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra both stateside and overseas. This will be a preferred provider option.
  • TRICARE Prime: TRICARE Prime remains as a managed care program with assigned Primary Care Manager.
  • Enrollment: All current eligible beneficiaries will be automatically enrolled into plans on Jan. 1, 2018, with Prime enrollees remaining in Prime and Standard and Extra beneficiaries enrolled in Select.
  • Transition from Fiscal Year to Calendar Year: TRICARE benefit is changing from FY to CY. A transitional period from Oct. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2017 is ongoing where enrollment fee will be pro-rated and billed accordingly for those who pay monthly or quarterly.
  • Fees/Costs: Following are the proposed TRICARE costs to take effect on Jan. 1, 2018:

Service Record Access

Click the link below.

Medical and service records website


  • As of Jan. 1, 2018, TRICARE Prime enrollees, except service members who are enrolled to a military treatment facility, no longer need a referral for urgent care visits. Point of service charges no longer apply to these urgent care claims. This change replaces the previous policy which waived referrals for the first two urgent care visits per year.

  • Active duty service members (ADSM) -- except those in TRICARE Prime Remote -- should continue to visit military hospitals and clinics for care. TRICARE Prime Remote members do not need a referral to use urgent care. All other ADSMs must have a referral from their primary care manager (PCM) to receive urgent care.

  • Activated Guard and Reserve members should follow the save service guidance as ADSMs. They should continue to visit military hospitals and clinics for care when assigned to a duty station with a MTF and obtain a referral from their PCM to receive urgent care.

  • Active duty family members enrolled to the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Prime or Prime Remote, still need to contact the TRICARE overseas contractor to obtain an authorization to ensure their urgent care visit will be cashless/claimless.  If traveling within the United States, they do not need a referral to access urgent care.

2017 NERA/USAA Scholarship Winners

The Naval Enlisted Reserve Association (NERA) offers a college scholarship program for NERA members and their families. These scholarships recognize the sacrifices made by Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve component members, retirees and families members. They are made possible by generous grants from USAA ( and additional donations from NERA and its members.

Visit www.nera/ for the new 2018 scholarship information.

Congratulations to the following scholarship winners!

$3,000 NERA Members Awards

LCDR Herman Sharrer Ariana Ellsey

$2,500 NERA Family Awards

Summer Davis

Chelese Washington
Sam Wisotzki
Joseph Gerlach

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