2020 NERA/USAA Scholarship Awardees





HM2 Ian Marshman

HM2 Marshman is working for his Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty in the Masters Entry Program in nursing at the University of California San Francisco. He intends to use his skills and knowledge to benefit the Navy Reserve as a Navy Corpsman, as well as becoming a civilian nurse practitioner. Ian plans to focus on providing care to underserved populations in his local community. His primary interest is working with low income families and the veteran population. NERA lauds Ian’s dedication to his community and are proud to call him a NERA member.


EN1(SW) Brian Schultz

Petty Officer Schultz will be attending Cleveland State University studying mechanical engineering. He provided tutoring for other students through teamwork learned in the Navy, while still maintaining an impressive GPA of 3.65. Brian’s aspirations and career goals are to get involved in the aftermarket automotive industry. He feels that he has a good understanding of what goes into designing and producing components for vehicles since he has been intimately involved in working on them. NERA is proud of Brian’s success, willingness to help others and are honored to have him in our NERA ranks.


NERA Member’s Family Scholarships


Meghan Dreany

Meghan’s interest in medicine began when she saw one of her father’s Marines remove his prosthetic hand. She was chosen for a month long engineering mentorship at NASA Langley, working with biological sensors and their applications in aviation crew safety systems. Meghan worked in a lab completely surrounded by biomedical technology. She will be attending Yale to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering and plans to join the Air Force ROTC program, becoming an Air Force doctor and biomedical scientist. Meghan maintained a GPA of 4.42 with advanced classes throughout high school. NERA is so proud of Meghan and her accomplishments.


Nicole Maida

With a GPA of 3.89 in her second year at the University of Central Oklahoma, Nicole is pursuing a BS in Kinesiology Health and Exercise Science. She will pursue a Master’s degree with a focus in Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation Specialization. While still in high school, Nicole completed 15 semester hours of community college and while maintaining excellent grades. In addition to her impressive GPA, Nicole works very hard in the community by volunteering in various organizations and creating high goals for herself. NERA is so impressed with Nicole’s dedication to her volunteer work and impressive grades.


Jessica Wollesen

Jessica placed first in her class of 569 students with a GPA of 4.5. She is pursuing a career in biomedical engineering. She explains that this field has a large web of project opportunities ranging from prosthetics to bioprinted organs to devices for medical procedures. Jessica is enrolling in the Colorado School of Mines majoring in Chemical Engineering with a Biological Specialty and a minor in Biomedical Engineering. She hopes to work as a pharmaceutical engineer to experiment, test and develop medicines and eventually work to improve bioprinting. NERA is honored to provide Jessica with a scholarship to help her pursue her goals as an engineer. We know she will do great things.


Congratulations to these scholarship recipients.  You are an inspiration and NERA wishes you continued success.  NERA is honored to be part of your educational journey.