About NERA




NERA, The Naval Enlisted Reserve Association, is a military and veterans organization representing the Enlisted Reservist members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.





Our mission is to promote and maintain national security by ensuring a strong and well-trained Naval, Coast Guard and Marine Corps Reserve by protecting the benefits and privileges Sea Service Reservists have earned with their military service.   



Association Overview


The Naval Enlisted Reserve Association - NERA - is THE military and veterans organization representing the ENLISTED RESERVIST members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. We include retirees, Full-Time Support (FTS), drilling reservists and others joining as associate members supporting our enlisted sea service reservists. NERA is instrumental in gaining Congressional support for improvements in Reserve personnel strength and equipment and is a prominent member of a powerful military coalition. NERA is dedicated to fighting for service members in the Nation’s Capital, advocating for promotions, increased pay and retirement benefits. 




General Information


The Naval Enlisted Reserve Association (NERA) represents enlisted Sea Service Reservists by providing a singular voice to the Congress, the White House and the Departments of Defense and Transportation. Founded in 1957, NERA is devoted to exclusively to protecting the right and benefits of enlisted Sea Service Reservists.






The security and future of this great republic depend, in part, on the maintenance of strong and well trained United States Naval, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve Forces. These forces consist primarily of enlisted personnel. It is essential to the strength, effectiveness and direction of these forces that the enlisted membership contains a nucleus of dedicated career personnel.


In the interest of national defense, a voluntary, non-profit organization shall be formed with active membership comprised of enlisted reservists and other dedicated persons committed to promote the Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve and Coast Guard Reserve, and dedicated and pledged to promote and maintain by concerted mutual effort, career service in the United States Navy Reserve (USNR), United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR) and United States Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR).