Why Join NERA?

Why Join NERA?

If you want to protect the rights and benefits you and other enlisted Sea Service Reservists are working so hard to earn, you must join NERA. NERA is not only a prominent member of a powerful Coalition of military advocacy groups dedicated to fighting for service members in the Nation's Capitol ... NERA is the only association whose guarantee to you is that we will give voice to your special interests as a Sea Service Reservist. You can count on NERA to be there to protect the individual rights, benefits and privileges you have earned with your commitment to military service.

The world and the United States have been shaken by recent events that have made the "asymmetrical threat" of terrorism a reality on our own soil. But despite the bipartisan political commitment on Capitol Hill to respond decisively, there will always be pressure to balance the federal budget, and after this crisis has passed, military funding and benefits, especially those needed for the Reserves and the Guard, will again become prime targets for reduction. It is a battle NERA fights constantly, challenged every two years by a need to educate freshman legislators on the House side, and every four years in the cycle to promote the interests of Reservists and the Reserve mission to newly minted legislators on the Senate side. On the Hill and at the Pentagon, NERA steadfastly promotes, supports, defends and fights for retaining and improving benefits and services for Reservists. NERA needs the power of your membership to give clarion voice to your concerns, and your personal involvement to carry the day in this good fight.


The President, the Congress, and the Pentagon all advocate concentrating on "the big picture" in times of fiscal austerity. If NERA were not there for you, Washington "bean counters" would quickly sacrifice your hard-earned benefits (such as drill pay, retired pay, commissary, medical) on the altar of weapons and systems, in the interest of sustaining "the big picture."

NERA needs you NOW, as much as YOU need NERA. The more members NERA can mobilize for the cause, the louder and more credible YOUR voice becomes in Washington.

If you care about about the Naval Reserve and the other Sea Services, and share our commitment to making the lives and careers of your enlisted colleagues more rewarding, you will want to invest in a NERA Annual or Life Membership. Protect yourself, your family and your Country by joining NERA now.