Why Join NERA?

Why Join NERA?


NERA can personally and collectively help sea service members. NERA’S Executive staff truly enjoys talking with our members and are happy to answer questions.  NERA is a good resource for professional advice, advice on health care, connect with peers having similar issues or just talk to an experienced voice regarding career choices. On a national level, we are fighting in Washington to protect the issues we know are important to the Naval, Coast Guard and Marine Corps Reserve.


NERA is THE premiere enlisted Sea Service Reservists association. NERA has joined forces and is a prominent member of a powerful military coalition advocating for service members in the nation’s capital. NERA’s mission is to promote and maintain national security by ensuring a strong and well-trained Naval, Coast Guard and Marine Corps Reserve by protecting the benefits and privileges Sea Service Reservists. These benefits have been hard earned with military service and it is NERA’s mission to protect these benefits.


The best way for NERA to continue this good work is by growing our membership base. So please join today and become part of this elite team. Share in NERA’s commitment to the Naval Reserve and the other Sea Services in making the lives and careers of your enlisted colleagues more rewarding. Join NERA today.  




Navy Anniversary Coin

NERA’s NAVY Reserve 100 Years Commemorative Coin

The US Navy Reserve has been ready to answer our Nation’s call for almost 100 years.  


The mission of the Navy Reserve is to deliver operational capability and strategic depth to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces.


Anniversary Coin front

Anniversary Coin back


On March 3, 2015 the US Navy Reserve will celebrate its centennial anniversary and NERA wanted to commemorate this special occasion with these coins.  


If you would like to purchase a coin for $10.00 ($2.00 shipping), please contact Jennifer jabbott@nera.org or call at (800)-776-9020.

(Discounts for orders of 10 or more).